Quarterly Director Update

Dear Friends:

This past fall was jam-packed with victories: in our newsletter you read about several decade-long struggles finally reaching closure. From the announcement in August that the dangerous Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant was finally closing down to news that the Wheelabrator Technologies trash incinerator in Claremont, New Hampshire was retiring in September, to the recent revelation  that Brayton Point, the largest coal-fired power plant in New England, will close by 2017.

The owners of Brayton Point, Vermont Yankee, and the Claremont incinerator all cited economic factors as their motivation for closing down. And make no mistake about it: economic factors played a big role in these decisions, maybe even the biggest role. But it’s no coincidence that these victories were all preceded by years of sustained citizen pressure, a steady drumbeat of actions by community activists with support from our organizers.  Together we gave these companies something else to consider: that there are hundreds of dedicated people across New England who are willing to work tirelessly to create their vision for a cleaner and healthier world. A world with a solar panel on every roof, responsibly sited wind power, and vibrant community recycling efforts that transform food scraps into compost for gardens and farms, ensuring that nothing of value is wasted.

We congratulate Coalition for Clean Air South Coast, Working on Waste, and our partners at SafePower Vermont for these hard-fought victories. We all deserve to celebrate. And we also need to get to work: we can’t stop now.

Thanks for all your support in making these victories possible.


Sylvia Broude

Executive Director